BWBorn and raised in Lebanon, Hanna’s middle-eastern musical roots accent virtually all of his musical compositions. As a young immigrant, Hanna lived more than half of his life in the west, including Paris, LA, San Francisco, Montreal and New York. While his original musical training focused on classical and Flamenco guitar, he is most passionate about combining Flamenco guitar sounds with western and eastern musical genres (a practice frowned upon by Flamenco purists) to create a unique fusion of sounds.

While Hanna’s music is by design difficult to classify, it is best described as “World-Beat Fusion,” because it is a uniquely elegant marriage of many musical genres, including Flamenco, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Techno, Dance, Classical, Middle-Eastern, etc.

Mirroring his life, Hanna’s music stems from a globalized and multicultural perspective. It is a musical expression at the intersection of all musical genres and cultures. As a firm believer in music as an international language of peace, Hanna is committed to promoting World-Beat fusion as a means of fostering cross-cultural harmony.

Every song aims to embark the listener on a journey to distant lands in an attempt to foster understanding and tolerance of the sounds and tastes of other cultures.

Enjoy the journey.